Annual Awards

The Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association (MASCA) confers several prestigious awards at our Annual Conference and Training Event. 
These awards are:  

President’s Award for Social Innovations:
MASCA's President's Award for Social Innovations is an award to be given to a deserving person/persons that oversee adult or juvenile offenders. The purpose of this award is to broaden the knowledge of successful program interventions throughout MASCA and to annually recognize an outstanding correctional program.

President’s Award for Innovations in Community Corrections:
MASCA's President's Award for Innovations in Community Corrections is a new award from MASCA. This award was created to recognize an individual for their innovative contributions made to the Community Corrections and Supervision Units.

MASCA’s Carl Robinson Award is named for Warden Carl Robinson of the State of Connecticut who served on the MASCA Board of Trustees and was the posthumous recipient of the E.R. Cass Award, the highest professional honor bestowed by the American Correctional Association.  This award is presented to a professional who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and made significant contributions to the correctional field.  
MASCA’s Founders Award honors the legacy of commitment of the founding members of MASCA, who organized a regional professional organization in 1938.  This award is presented to a professional who has demonstrated exceptional efforts to promote professionalism in probation, parole, juvenile justice and/ or corrections.  

MASCA’s Harold Miller Community Service Award is named in honor of Harold Miller of Pennsylvania, MASCA’s first President Emeritus, whose career included a strong personal commitment to give back to his community.  This award honors a criminal justice professional who exemplifies the spirit and example of Harold Miller by making a significant contribution to the betterment of the community at large.  

MASCA’s Sal Russoniello Service Award is named for Sal Russoniello, a parole professional from the State of New Jersey, who was the first person to serve two terms as MASCA President.  This award is presented to a professional who has demonstrated extraordinary devotion to advancing the educational mission of the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association.